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Giving Injections at Home
Medication Safety in the Home
How to Care for the Diabetic Foot



Each month, we add more resources to help you or an elder you love live the fullest, healthiest, safest life possible.


Our Newest Resources

We've recently added eleven new instructional videos:

Home Care
Caregiving in the Home
Giving Injections at Home
Urinary Catheters for Women
Urinary Catheters for Men
Urgent Care 1
Urgent Care 2
Preventing Pressure Ulcers
Personal Hygiene — Male
Personal Hygiene — Female
Medication Safety in the Home
How to Care for the Diabetic Foot

Featured Videos

Giving Injections at Home

It’s not uncommon for caregivers of older people to have to manage injections at home, especially if the patient is diabetic. This video provides an introduction to subcutaneous and intramuscular injections and demonstrates how to administer a subcutaneous injection (the type used for insulin shots).

Medication Safety in the Home

As older people become afflicted with more conditions and diseases, and come under the care of multiple doctors as a result, effective management of medications takes on great importance. This video reviews how to ensure patient safety in the face of medication-management challenges.

How to Care for the Diabetic Foot

Diabetics are particularly vulnerable to foot problems, especially when it comes to non-healing ulcers and loss of feeling. So it’s essential to take proper care of feet through daily inspection, washing and nail care. This video reviews how to inspect and care for diabetic feet on a daily basis.